Lil Wayne is in a legal battle against a woman who claims he’s the father of her 15-year-old child. According to The Blast, Weezy’s legal team has filed a motion to have a DNA test done in a paternity case against him.

Keiotia Watson filed a paternity case back in 2015 claiming she had sexual relations with Wayne in June 2001. Months later, she found out she was pregnant with her now 15-year-old son named Dwayne, which is named after his alleged father, Dwayne Carter (aka Lil Wayne).

Watson soon filed a court order against Wayne seeking child support payments, and when the rapper failed to respond, the judge in the case ordered Wayne to pay her $5,000 every month, beginning January 2016.

Since then, Wayne is now asking a court to schedule a DNA test and put the child support payments on hold until the results are finalized. The "No Frauds" rapper contends that he didn't engage in a sexual relationship with Watson and signed a declaration that reads:

I do not believe it is possible that I am the biological father of Dwayne Brown. I have never acknowledged Dwayne Brown as my son, nor was I ever made aware of his birth until I was served with the petition...I am the loving father of four children, all of whom I provided support for since birth. Up until now, I have never been involved in a child support case.

A hearing is scheduled for February of which Watson must attend and explain why Wayne's motion should not be granted.

Meanwhile, Maury is willing to cut through the legal malarkey and conduct a paternity test for Lil Wayne. Of course, both parties would have to come on the show to hear the results.

"[Lil Wayne] enough with this DNA drama. A DNA test is only a tweet away...Uncle Maury to the rescue!" tweeted someone from Maury's official Twitter account.

Attorneys for Lil Wayne had no comment on the matter.

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