For years, Lil Wayne has praised Uncle Bob, the former police officer who saved Wayne's life as a child after the rapper shot himself in a suicide attempt. And now, it looks like Weezy's gratitude for the cop includes the rapper assisting the officer financially if needed.

According to a report from TMZ on Tuesday (Aug. 17), Uncle Bob, whose real name is Robert Hoobler, told the outlet that after running into Weezy F. Baby at a New Orleans radio show back in 2019, Wayne offered financial support to Uncle Bob if it is ever needed and all Bob reportedly has to do is say the word.

Uncle Bob hasn't accepted the offer just yet, but there apparently has been conversation surrounding Bob joining Lil Wayne's team via an administrative role of some sort.

Over the weekend, Lil Wayne recounted the details of his attempted suicide when he was 12 years old. During an appearance on Emmanuel Acho's Uncomfortable Conversations internet series, the Louisiana spitter revealed that as a child, he shot himself in the chest while in his mother's bedroom—near what he thought was his heart—after being told his mom forbade him from rapping due to him skipping school.

Before Wayne shot himself, he had called the police. After the incident took place, Weezy made his way to the front door of the home where officers were trying to enter in response to his call. However, instead of offering aid to 12-year-old Wayne, he was stepped over and the police proceeded to search his home. It was Uncle Bob who instructed that Lil Wayne be taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment, saving Wayne's life.

For this, Tha Carter V artist appears to be forever indebted to Uncle Bob.

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