It was just like old times last night (Feb. 18), in New Orleans at the Beats by Dre NBA All-Star event hosted by LeBron James, where Lil Wayne and the Hot Boys reunited and performed alongside 2 Chainz.

The shindig was hosted by LeBron James, who offered some kind words about the group before letting them turn back the calendar. "We got Tunechi, Juvie, Mannie and Turk in here tonight in their backyard in New Orleans," he said. "I grew up on these boys right here...I had to let y'all know that everything that goes on tonight, you better appreciate the shit, because it may not happen again."

A few months ago, this didn't seem like much of an option, with Turk calling out other members of the group for not reaching out to him since he came home from prison. “I don’t know if you niggas got a problem with Turk, but if you got a problem with Turk, please address that shit,” he said on Instagram. “Cause I’m sick of niggas keep coming to me talking bout, ‘Why you ain’t doing shows with so and so. Why you ain’t got no songs and no tracks from so and so.’ Let me know the business. Wayne, Juvie, Mannie Fresh… Stunna fucking with a nigga. B.G. fucking with a nigga. What’s up with y’all, man? Let me know. This the only way I can reach y’all right now.”

Now that they are back on the same page, how about a reunion album? The group dropped three LPs, Get It How U Live (1997), Guerrilla Warfare (1999) and Let Em Burn (2003), before label issues caused a split among the individual members.

In 2012, group member B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in prison. According to his son, he might be getting out sooner than expected.

Check out footage from the super lit performance below.

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