Magic 104.9 presents the 2019 GR Summer Project. Last year we had over 75 kids register and become the change they want to see in their community. There was even a group of kids who started their own non-profit (

Magic 104.9’s Gr Summer Project Is free! Empower your voice to be heard. Individuals or teams sign up now for FREE! Connect with concerts , experiences and the opportunity to share your project , highlight your organization’s work and meet other leaders right here in community.

Youth Programs , churches, friends , families  take the Gr Summer Project Challenge. Go to, to sign up. Magic 104.9 will be highlighting your students , team and impact. Producing  a 3-5 minute video on your organization!  Meet the students and  connect your story with the project. Our community will vote and the Winning project will win $1049.00. Presentations and team performances will happen 7/20 at HOME in the BOB.

This year, we are opening it up to kids from around the region. If you are passionate about Business, Bullying, Hunger/Homelessness, Police/Community Connection, Diversity/Inclusion and Mental Health/School Challenges then sign up is open for students and organizations ready for the #Grsummerproject challenge go to to learn more & sign up your team.

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