A Michigan man got busted by the DNR for shooting a deer illegally from his front porch with a crossbow.

According to MLive, a DNR officer in Crawford County, Michigan, was cruising down the road and noticed a blood trail in late November.

The DNR officer, John Huspen, pulled his vehicle over and followed the blood trail. Then Huspen followed the trail of where a deer was dragged to a driveway across the road.

The owner of the home where the deer was found at said that he noticed the dead deer across the road when his kid got on the school bus.

The alert DNR officer new from the blood trail and drag marks that the story from the homeowner did not match up with the evidence.

The officer pressed the homeowner and that is when the homeowner admitted to shooting the deer from his porch using a crossbow. What caught the ear of the DNR officer was the homeowner saying what time he shot the crossbow which was before legal shooting hours.

The alleged shooter of the deer will more than likely get prosecuted for shooting the deer during illegal shooting hours not to mention other charges that may be made involving the illegal kill.

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