Was he mad, or was he okay with it?

That's the question some will probably have after they watch Meek Mill ask a fan why she felt so comfortable taking a photo of him.

"DreamChasers. What's up?" said the woman, while fixing her hair.

"Who told you to hop in my car and take a picture, though?" asked Meek. "You lucky I'm cool like that. Take the snap. You already know. Philly in this b----."

"D-mn, we lit," the woman responded.

Meanwhile, it looks like the "Monster" rhymer and DJ Mustard will be working together, since the West Coast producer tweeted a photo of themselves in the studio.

For now, however, there's no word if that collab will be a song or full-on project or when it'll actually be out.

You can see Meek and that woman take a photo above and see DJ Mustard's post below.

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