If you have never watched the mega-hit show, Grey's Anatomy, you will definitely have heard about it.

The high-intensity medical show debuted in 2005 and has continued for 19 seasons.


With showrunner Shonda Rhimes, the show follows Meredith Grey and a bunch of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial as they are faced with truly insane life-or-death situations.

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Fans are so invested that many people have declared on social media that they are doctors by simply watching the show.

With all of the medical terms and procedures happening, you may wonder if Grey's Anatomy is accurate or not.


Well, a Michigan healthcare professional has decided to answer that question for you.

Michigan Professional Debunk Grey's Anatomy

In this viral TikTok that has garnered more than 1.6 million views, Tricia Pendergrast, MD is asked by her friend, Sari, about her questions after watching Grey's Anatomy.

Tricia Pendergrast MD TikTok
Tricia Pendergrast MD TikTok

Starting off, Sari asks Tricia,

"In season two of Grey's Anatomy, Izzy Stevens' intern cuts someone's LVAD wire and doesn't get fired...?"

Before even finishing the question, Tricia immediately says "Jail. They would go to jail."

"she would get fired and probably go to jail."

So, that was the first debunked question.

Tricia Pendergrast MD TikTok
Tricia Pendergrast MD TikTok

Moving right into the next topic, Sari asks her about how many doctors are always in the hospital. Since, in Grey's Anatomy episodes, you typically only see 5 doctors max.

Tricia's response is

"No. I feel like that is true about a lot of medical shows. There would be at least a couple of attendings available depending on the specialty at all times. So, there is not just one attending physician, who takes care of all of the surgeries all time. I feel like they just didn't want to cast a lot of people."

Sari fires her next question off that I feel like everyone, regardless of if you watch the show or not, wants to know.

"Is everyone at the hospital sleeping together at all hours of the day?"

As quickly as the question came, Tricia's answer was fired back immediately.

"No. I don't have the time or the energy for that. I feel like they do that for the drama."

Sorry to all of the medical show fans whose hearts have been broken by all of these debunked situations.

There are so many more questions that Sari asked that may break your heart to hear the actual answer.

You can check out the full TikTok Video below.

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