At just 5-years-old, an age when most of us were just learning the importance of sharing, Ishpeming, Mich.'s Sunshine Oelfke already has the trait down pat.

Sunshine is making national headlines after her grandmother, Jackie Oelfke, posted about the little girl's giving heart on Facebook.

Sunshine surprised her grandmother one night when she dumped out her piggy banks (where she was diligently saving up money to pay for her very own snowmobile) and began counting it. When her grandmother asked her why she was bagging up the money and putting it in her backpack, Sunshine explained, "Because [my friend's] mom doesn't have milk money, but I do."

Sunshine has been featured on The Today Show, and donations have been flowing in to help her help the kids in her class get milk money. If you'd like to help the kids, too, you can donate via their GoFundMe page.

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