Our long national nightmare has ended. The person who was causing repeated shutdowns of the Buckingham Community Pool in Macomb County near Detroit has been caught and banned from the pool for the season.

The Detroit Free Press reports that upon watching security footage of the pool, officials from the Buckingham Recreational Facilities Association were able to identify the person responsible for repeatedly defecating in the pool. Not only has that person been banned from the pool, the association is also "looking at the various options for restitution."

For the record, I checked the pool's rules, and there isn't anything in there about not pooping in the pool. HOWEVER, it should just be common sense to not do that. It's gross and unsanitary and would you swim in a toilet, you monster?!? Also of note: you can't bring in that poop emoji floaty that you bought because you thought it was funny because they don't allow inflatable pool toys.


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