I'm so glad these lists get compiled, especially when our state doesn't look like weirdos!

Estately just put together at list of "Products Each State Googles More Frequently Than Other States When Shopping Online"  and there are certainly some weird-ass states.

Like South Dakota Google shopped for "exploding kittens" more than any other state. WHAT? Is this a thing people buy???  I would say we need to send puppies or hugs to South Dakota but frankly, I'm a bit afraid of them now.

A few of the other "weird" ones:

Colorado looked for "Borat's mankinis" - this is what happens when Pot is legal; "good ideas" at the time, am I right?

North Carolina shopped for "puka shell necklaces" - see you ran the gays out with the bathroom bill, now no one tells “bros” what's out-of-style.

Wisconsin love their "truck nuts" (which is just funny to say or read)

It's not real weird, but I feel bad for New Mexico, because they’re just hot, as they online shopped for "snow-cone machines."

Also, I was going to ask "Who's the most famous person from Maryland?" but then I did a quick Google search to see, and the top results were: Joel and Benji Madden (Good Charlotte), JC Chasez (second fiddle to Justin Timberlake) David Byrne (Talking Heads) and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (who?) SO I have little faith that one of their own will change things, but it's "BAKING SODA" and not "Bacon Soda" that Maryland is searching for the most when they're shopping online;  unless they really do mean this bacon soda, in which case, we need to send them hugs and puppies, because that's naaasty.

Finally the real weirdos (and pervs) are in Indiana as they shopped on Google more than any other state for...."blowup dolls!"  Seriously, that's almost as bad as exploding kittens.

We on the other hand, here in Michigan, had a relatively normal search history (at least on Google for online shopping) as we search for "no-tie shoelaces" which makes sense because who wants to touch wet shoelaces.. especially when it snows and you have salt all over them or God forbid you're at a sporting event in the bathroom and then realize your laces are untied.  YUCK! ​

via Estately (http://bit.ly/2mwBieU)
via Estately (http://bit.ly/2mwBieU)



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