Authorities have removed over 150 cats from a home in St. Joseph County after receiving a tip that a family was hoarding stray cats.

The authorities were astonished at the conditions of the home when they arrived on August 4th, saying that the smell was unbearable even with protective equipment.  4 officials were attacked and sustained minor injuries from the animals.

The officials found two people inhabiting the home and issued a citation to the home owner, who was cooperative in their investigation.

Several of the cats were in really poor health and two had to be euthanized immediately.  This was the worst case of animal hoarding recorded in St. Joseph County.

There are currently no cats from that raid available for adoption but if you would like to help out the St. Joseph County Animal Shelter and make room for the newly acquired cats, they do have other cats available for adoption.  You can also donate food, litter, or other cat products to the shelter or make monetary donations to the shelter through the United Way of St. Joseph County.

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