If you are looking for a great way to social distance and get some fresh air close to home, morel mushroom hunting is coming up soon.

According to FOX 17, make sure while you are hunting for morel mushrooms, you know what you are looking for. Eating the wrong mushroom could be a problem.

If you are looking to hunt morels for your very first time, then have your hiking shoes ready along with something to put your mushrooms, like an old bread bag, around May 1.

Make sure if you are looking for mushrooms with someone else, you remain at least six feet a part to keep in line with social distancing plus the further you are a part the more chances of finding some morels.

Great places to look are by elm trees and ash trees and if you live near an old apple orchard then jackpot! Finding an area that has a good mix of live trees and dying trees seems to be key.

It never hurts to Foogle Michigan tree types so you know what an elm or ash tree looks like before entering the woods. Most importantly google what morel mushrooms look like and the different types. Even compare what you find in the woods to what you find on your smartphone.

Morels have a honeycomb shape to them and can be very hard to see but if you find one, before you make another move, begin to look all around you. Usually when you find one mushroom they are usually more. This takes a lot of patience but at the same time, look at all the exercise you will get.

Maybe this will be a chance to chat with Grandpa, Grandma or uncle Joe on some areas they found morels back in the day.

Just remember, stay close to home and don't drive long distances to find mushrooms. We still have to be safe and responsible during this time.

Good luck.

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