As I was driving on 131, I, unfortunately, passed by an accident.

Thankfully, it seemed minor so I am hoping everyone involved is okay.

However, that made the wheels in my brain turn.

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I wondered how many accidents happen in Michigan and which highways were the most dangerous.

Rex Wholster/Getty Images/iStockphoto
Rex Wholster/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Once I fell down that rabbit hole, I had to share what I learned. You may have traveled down these highways recently.

"MoneyGeek analyzed 2,820 fatal crashes on Michigan's roadways between 2018 and 2020 to find the deadliest stretches of road in the state. In Michigan, there are 256,579 miles of road; we included 1,742 roads in our study."

In Muskegon County, one of the most dangerous stretches of highway is SR-120 Holton Road from Hallstrom Castle Drive to East River Road.

Within a stretch of 4.8 miles, there have been 7 fatal accidents, 7 fatalities, and 1.5 crashes every mile.

According to Money Geek, the ninth most dangerous highway is a stretch right here in Grand Rapids.

Money Geek
Money Geek

It says that US-131 from Exit 84A to Exit 82B is one of the most dangerous parts of the highway.

With only 1.9 miles, since the article's last update in 2022, it has accumulated 6 fatal accidents, 8 fatalities, and 3.1 crashes per mile.

Those highways may have scared you based on the statistics. However, I would recommend not traveling down this highway if possible.

In the city of Detroit, SR-3 Gratiot Avenue from Liberal Street to Van Dyke Avenue is considered the deadliest road in Michigan.

In only 4.7 miles, this stretch of highway has seen 16 fatal accidents, 18 fatalities, and 3.4 crashes per mile.

Money Geek
Money Geek

All of that happened within a 2-year span between the years of 2018 to 2020.

Money Geek says that Ottawa County is the 10th county with the most dangerous roads with 57 fatal accidents.

Besides Ottawa County, Kalamazoo and Muskegon counties are respectively 7th and 8th with the most dangerous roads based on counties.

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