Truth time, I’ve never ridden The Rapid because I’m shy and confused.  I don’t carry cash and I never want to get on and they tell me a certain amount and I’m short on it.

Well, my anxiety is coming to an end and it’s about to get easier to ride The Rapid, no matter your story or struggle, as they introduce The Wave, in August.

The Wave is a ride card that you purchase for a small fee, and then you just add money to the card at different locations or you can set up an “auto-load” feature from your bank account which will make sure you have the money you need to get around town.

In reality, The Rapid is about to be like most cities’ subway/rail system. So if you’re used to getting the card to ride the L in Chicago, this will be the same concept.

In a city where we complain about parking, an easier way to use public transit is welcomed!

The Wave card will also learn your riding habits and help you get the best fare possible, while still only having you pay each time you ride.  Meaning if you ride as much as a normal monthly user, the card will know that and charge you less over time for each ride.

Like I said earlier, I haven’t ridden the bus line yet, but this takes the anxiety of looking like an unprepared newb, so that may change soon.

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