The Covell Dog Park is going to have a brand new look by the end of the summer.  The small park on the West side of the city is getting a makeover and the work is starting soon.

The improvements to Covell Dog Park will add new play components for the dogs as well as some natural features for them to enjoy.

City of Grand Rapids Parks And Recreation and RJD Design


  1. New entry fence and two 3' wide gates
  2. Small dog area with 4' high fence
  3. Porous paved entry pad
  4. Shade structure
  5. New small dog entry with concrete pad, water spigot, shared drinking fountain and dog waste station
  6. New large dog entry with concrete pad, water spigot, shared drinking fountain and dog waste station
  7. New play components
  8. Natural features

According to a facebook post by the Covell Dog Park, construction will begin mid-summer and last through early fall.  The improvements were made possible due to a millage passed in 2013.

If you want to visit the park yourself, get the directions below.

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