With the current climate of the world right now, you need to be prepared for anything.

While the Midwest could be seen as a chill area where nothing could happen, there is a possibility for anything.

The Daily Mail compiled a list of the 15 United States cities likely to be targeted if a nuclear war breaks.

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One city featured on the list is only 3 hours away from Grand Rapids.

Why Would These Cities Be Targeted?

Experts believe that 15 cities in the United States would be a 'high-priority' target for a foreign adversary.


According to the experts and Daily Mail,

"These spots are likely targets because of population density, air distance to a strategic military facility, emergency preparedness, and ease of evacuation."

What City Is Close To Grand Rapids?

Sadly, the city that we are close to is ranked number 4 out of the 15 cities.


The city of Chicago may not sound like a target, however, Chicago is located within 50 miles of four different nuclear power plants.

"Naperville and Elgin are within 40 miles of the Windy City, meaning they would also be hit in the event of a nuclear attack. The region ranked fourth out of the 15 in evacuations for its more than two million residents. Experts predicted the attack would cause 626,170 deaths and more than 1.1 million injuries."

It is also only 3 hours away. The shortest route between Chicago and Grand Rapids (not including air travel) is 175.72 miles.


MIRA Safety says that,

"it's important to stress that even if the nuclear event doesn't happen in your immediate area—even if it's hundreds of miles away—the fallout could still potentially reach you in a day or less."

If you want to see the full list, you can scroll below.

15 Cities Most Likely Targeted During a Nuclear Attack

Nothing to worry about, but experts say these U.S. cities would be most likely to be attacked if America was the victim of a nuclear attack.

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