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Ring doorbells are all the rage right now in terms of security and protection for your home or apartment.

However, you may be getting paid because of your purchase.

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Michigan Ring Doorbell Owners Might Be Owed Money

If you have bought a Ring doorbell, you might be entitled to getting some money back from the company.

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that refunds totaling $5.6 million are owned by the company.


Well, the reasoning behind the refunds is due to a settlement. In the settlement, Ring was accused of allowing employees to access customers' private videos.

Also, the settlement case indicates that Ring failed to implement any security provisions that allow hackers to access Internet-supported devices more easily.

The case also states that Ring used collected information and data to train its algorithms without customers' consent.

How Do I Get My Refund From The Ring Doorbell Settlement?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, so far over 1,800 Michigan residents are owed money by the Ring corporation.

Settlement newspaper headline on money

Tableau shared that $89,690 has been allotted for Michigan users to get their total compensation.

With a little math help, it seems like Michigan customers could receive almost $50 back.

The FTC states that payments will be made through PayPal. If you think you are owed a Ring refund and have questions, you can call 1-833-637-4884.

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