It seems as if everyone these days is a photographer of some sort but now it's going to cost you if you plan on taking nature pictures at any Ottawa County park.

Beginning this fall, any commercial photography and videographers will require a permit. Meaning that anyone who has a business or is making money off the photos will have to pay for permission. According to Fox 17, its been a park rule in the county since the 80's but hasn't been heavily enforced. However, people have been abusing as of late.

...recently there have been several instances of photographers setting up make-shift studios with signs and lights and even a reception desk.

Seriously?! A reception desk?!!! Where they do that at? Apparently in Ottawa County. There have been many complaints regarding trails and areas of the park being blocked for other people to go through. So because of this, a permit is now required for any commercial business that wants to use the park. The county insists that they won't be making money off of this, but it will help with liability costs.

This will not affect anyone who just wants to go to the park and take pictures for personal use (and of course for your Snapchat friends). A permit also isn't required for the following:

  • Members of the media
  • Student projects for grades
  • Special occasions (i.e. wedding) if the area has already been reserved.

You can get all the park rules here.

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