Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is having a tough time eating out. On Sunday night (July 9), McConnell was forced to leave the Sarino restaurant in Louisville, Ky. after protestors blasted Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" over a speaker.

According to bartender Nick Hulstine, who works at the Four Pegs establishment, the restaurant was hosting trivia that night and the trivia host rolled out his speaker to disrupt McConnell while he ate. "All the chefs came out and they were yelling at the protesters," Hulstine told the Courier Journal. "You could see McConnell's unmarked vehicles and bodyguards in the parking lot."

Along with the use of Public Enemy's 1989 hit single, protestors also shouted "No justice no peace" at the Senate Majority Leader as he tried to dine. "They did it to hold McConnell accountable," Jesus Ibañez, an Occupy ICE organizer told the Courier Journal. "One person had a megaphone... and then management kicked them out."

One bar patron, Ben Norton, was able to capture the incident on video and said a number of protestors made their way inside the restaurant and were then quickly escorted out. As for McConnell, the senator reportedly exited through Sarino's back door and drove off with his security team.

It's not McConnell's first time being heckled while eating out. Just a day before the incident at Sarino, the senator was eating lunch when he was confronted by another group of protestors angry about President Donald Trump's policy of separating migrant children from their families.

See footage of protestors outside the restaurant playing "Fight the Power" below.

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