Remy Ma is back with her new single, “Wake Me Up," which also features Lil’ Kim. The song is from the Bronx rapper's upcoming project, 7 Winters, 6 Summers.

The song, which samples Lil' Kim's 1996 track “Queen Bitch," was produced by Cool and Dre, Smitty Beatz and 808 Ray. On the track, Queen Reminisce boasts about taking the rap crown, while the Queen B is on the hook rapping, "You bitches ain't humble enough."

On the second verse, Remy Ma makes it clear that she reigns supreme, rapping, "I'm rich, I'mma stay that bitch / You fake-ass bitch, you owe homage, pay that shit / Spray that fif', the crown, I'mma take that shit / 'Cause you a clown and Homey don't play that shit."

"I wanted to pay homage to Kim. I feel like she is like the Madonna of the hip-hop world to me," said Remy Ma about the track on Zane Lowe's World Record show. "Her style is iconic, and I wanted to show homage and pay homage to that, so when I called her, I told her, I’m like, 'Listen, I want you on this record, but I just want you to be Kim. I want you to be the girl that was squatting down in a leopard thong, be that Kim.'"

"And I told her, 'I’m a fan, and as a Lil' Kim fan, that’s the Kim that I wanna see. That’s the Kim that I wanna hear'," she continued. "If I heard a Remy Ma and Lil' Kim record, I want Remy Ma to be the Remy Ma that Big Pun met, and I want Lil' Kim to be the Lil' Kim that B.I.G. met."

Remy Ma, who is newly signed to Columbia Records, is expected to drop 7 Winters, 6 Summers in 2018. A video, directed by Eif Rivera, is expected to arrive shortly.

Listen to Lil' Kim's "Queen Bitch"

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