Rich Homie Quan impressed hosts at Power 106's The Cruz Show with a stylish bag he he brought with him when he popped up at the station for an interview. As stylish as the bag is, the hosts were more interested in what he actually carried inside of it. So Quan showed them by whipping out a bag of Percocet.

According to Quan, the Percocet, which he keeps stashed in a small plastic bag inside of another bag next to his toothbrush, cost him $8 each. He uses them to help sleep whenever he's traveling on a plane. He made sure to note that it's best not to take them on an empty stomach, detailing the preparations he makes before he eats them.

"I basically use them on a plane, like, so I make sure I eat good, I make sure. You can't take them on an empty stomach or you'll be throwing up," Quan told The Cruz Show hosts. "I'm so small so I have to eat like three times. Then I take one and go to sleep and wake up and feel like a new man."

Quan, who dropped his Back to Basics project a little over a month ago, showed off his bag of Percocet just a few days after he was arrested on suspicion of drugs and weapons possession. Today (May 31), he was charged with felony weed possession in the state of Georgia and will remain in Jefferson County Jail until at least his bond hearing on Friday (June 2). If convicted of the charges, Quan could allegedly face up to 30 years behind bars.

Watch Quan flash his Percs to The Cruz Show hosts in the video below.

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