It turns out that Rihanna's new man is Saudi billionaire, Hassan Jameel, according to TMZ.  Jameel is the heir to Saudi Arabia’s largest Toyota distributor, and his networth is just north of a billion dollars. He also owns a soccer league.

RiRi broke the internet yesterday when hot pictures of kissing Jameel in a pool in Spain surfaced. The pair have since been spotted out shopping, upping the rumor mill that dude is the new love of Rihanna's life.

Of course, fans have had a lot to say about this latest development in the 29 year-old pop star's love life—mostly that they're happy that she might've found love. For her part, Rihanna hasn't confirmed or denied that she and Jameel are a thing— but those pictures say an awful lot.

Take a look at what nosy Twitter had to say about RiRi's new man.





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