UPDATE (Dec. 11):

Rod Wave has responded to fans' concerns over his new song, "Nirvana." On Saturday morning, Rod made a statement about the uproar on his Instagram Story, dispelling speculation that he is suicidal. "Sorry for da scare," he wrote. "I'm super goood...Happy asf working on my new album...love y'all fasho doe dat was definitely a [suicide] prevention song."

See Rod's statement below.

Rod Wave responds to concerned fans on Instagram
RodWave via Instagram


Rod Wave's fans are concerned about him after he released a song that sounds like a literal suicide note and deactivated his social media accounts.

On Saturday (Dec. 11), the SoulFly rap-crooner released a track called "Nirvana," on which he appears to rhyme about taking his own life.

"If you're hearing this it's too late/I've been writin' this since Tuesday, today Friday that mean tomorrow's doomsday," Rod eerily rhymes. "Tried to fight the pain but it ate me alive/Sad to say I lost a battle, against my mind/You should be happy for me homie no more sufferin'/We all got a day I guess we'll see each other then/I hope that heaven's real and one day we can reunite/And don't be crying for me I lived a wonderful life."

Rod continues on the track, "I feel so alone/Like I'm just a walking come up without a soul/I hope, this ain't how they remember me/Thought accomplishin' my dreams would end my misery/I've been this way for awhile, lost as a child/Mama always tellin' me smile, she's so in denial/Still, wishin' I had some help/What the fuck, make a nigga run off and blast himself."

The title of the song could also be a reference to the 1990's grunge band Nirvana, whose frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. In the Buddhism faith, nirvana represents the final transcendent state in which one is free from suffering and desires.

Much like The Notorious B.I.G.'s track, "Suicidal Thoughts," Rod's new song could have been taken as a non-literal expression of dark emotions. However, the central Florida artist also deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts, leaving fans even more concerned for his safety.

"Bro I cannot lose rod wave pls," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Rod talk to somebody get some help your music help me grow as person. When I went to your concert in Dallas I truly Tiered up by your Presence. You’re the only artist I ever felt that connection through your music. U helped me during thehardtimes."

"@rodwave Don’t Go out Like This Baby We NEEEEEEEED Youuuu," another fan posted. "I’ll be Iost Fr Mane DONT DO US LIKE THAT!!!!"

"I hope rod wave Be OK," someone else wrote. "People really be battling shit that no amount of money can solve."

XXL has reached out to Rod Wave's team for comment. See concerned fans' Twitter reactions to the track below.

If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or contemplating self-harm, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 or visit Speakingofsuicide.com for additional resources.

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