Fair warning: the video above is not for the squeamish. Shaquille O’ Neal certainly has left an indelible footprint in the NBA and it shows on his size 22 feet.

For unknown reasons, Shaq wanted to show off his feet live on NBA on TNT on Thursday night (May 25). During the halftime segment of the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Boston Celtics, the NBA Hall-of-Famer showed viewers his gnarly toes. The big center played 18 years in the NBA and it clearly shows.

Of course, once the video of Shaq's foot hit Twitter, the slander soon followed.

"Jesus christ, @SHAQ's feet look like a bunch of old plantains that were left out in the sun for a month," tweeted one user, while another fan wrote, "BOI, why do @SHAQ feet look like they bout to plan a heist."

One interesting meme show LeBron James' disjointed toes. Let's just say that in a couple of years, Bron-Bron will one-up Shaq in the busted-up feet department. We are just saying.

Check out other people's reactions to Shaq's claws, uh, we mean toes below.

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