In shocking news (no puns intended), TMZ recently discovered that Digital Underground founder Shock G was arrested in Wisconsin -- of all places -- last week.

The arrest happened on June 13 when cops pulled over his vehicle in Rice Lake, Wisc., at 2AM in the morning. Police said that the license plate on the car was listed to an unlicensed driver who happened to be in the passenger seat. During the traffic stop, police also discovered drug paraphernalia and arrested Shock G because he was the driver. There's no word on how cops found the particular items.

Shock G was booked on drug paraphernalia charges and released on $100 bail. As for why Shock G was in Wisconsin, apparently he was performing with Naughty By Nature (most likely on their "I Love The 90's" tour) two days prior.

Shock G, whose real name is Gregory Jacobs, is the visionary leader and producer of the legendary ‘90s rap group Digital Underground. Shock also goes by Humpty Hump, his fun-loving rap alter ego. He was also a dear friend of the late Tupac Shakur, having brought 2Pac into Digital Underground and later producing solo Pac hits like "I Get Around" and "So Many Tears."

Reps for Shock G had no comment on his recent arrest.

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