Grand Rapids was one of the highest cities for job growth in America for the past decade. Other signs show the rusting of the rust belt may be slowing.

Grand Rapids and Detroit were among the top 20 cities in the US for job growth since 2010.

In a ranking of 378 metropolitan areas by how their share of national employment changed from 2010 to 2017, 40% of the new jobs generated during that time went to the top 20 places, along with a similar share of the additional wages.

Those cities represent only about a quarter of the country’s population and are concentrated in the fast-growing southern and coastal states. None were in the northeast, and only two were in the “rust belt” interior - Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a rebounding Detroit.


Reuters News
Reuters News

Add to that another report on the CityLab web page about the emerging creative class of jobs in the United States, which shows Grand Rapids is the fourth fastest growing city for what the site describes as "is made up of up of knowledge workers in education, healthcare, law, arts, tech, science, and business."

Maybe the rust has been knocked off the Rust Belt, huh?





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