Remember back to last November when the video of the cashier singing at Dollar General in Lansing went viral?

His name is Lucas and he sang Maxwell’s “Ascension” while he was working as a cashier. At the time he was on Good Morning America and even invited to sing with Maxwell at the Palace.

Here’s the GMA video:

Well, Lucas’ story isn’t ending with that 15 minutes of fame. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the Michigan native will be on at least 1 episode of “The Voice” on NBC.

His audition will air this coming Monday night, September 25th. According to the Free Press, Lucas wrote on his Facebook page earlier this month:

"Believe me, this was not easy to keep quiet. BAM!!! SURPRISE!!!! Come take this journey with your friendly neighborhood singing cashier! The Voice airs September 25. #Season13," Holliday wrote in a Facebook post earlier this month.

Hopefully, he makes it on the show for more than one episode. The Detroit Free Press says since his video went viral, he’s performed in New York, LA and of course around Michigan. He even has an album he recorded in Lansing ready to be released in October.

Good Luck Lucas!

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