I've loved Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge in downtown Grand Rapids since I moved here, just because the atmosphere is very safe, caring and creative. Their response to what happened last night at their shop is proof that they are those things.

Lantern Coffee Bar posted on Facebook this morning that they were still open even after someone had smashed their window to get in the establishment to take $4 that was left in the tip jar.  They say they've kept the $4 in the tip jar for the last 2,447 nights but last night someone needed it more.  Actually check out their very thoughtful response to the situation,

We love Grand Rapids. And we know not everyone who lives here is in a situation that’s stable and steady... and happy. Sometimes people do desperate things. It’s just the way it goes. We won’t get too discouraged. Let’s just keep trying to make GR a great city for everyone. See you soon!

What a positive way to frame such an experience.  The post even acknowledges that doing business downtown has gotten trickier in the last year, but they're not deterred to keep doing their mission.

Sorry that it had to happen to you all, but thanks for the lesson in compassion.

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