WOODTV says the City of South Haven is discussing with residents and business owners possibilities of how to reopen the city in the next few weeks and what they will look like.

Business owners are asking city leaders to let them use outside space for diners when they re-open.  Some ideas also include closing streets and using parking lots and spaces street side in some locations.

South Haven City Manager, Brin Dissette, told WOODTV they were taking in all the suggestions but wouldn’t make any decisions until some more evaluations were done with the help of the downtown development authority, and planning commission before also including the city council.

As summer rolls in, a lot of West Michigan businesses are eager to re-open to take advantage of the seasonal boom in income, that is, if the tourism part of summer returns. Which is you’ve noticed the number of cars in the roadways during your trips to the store, I think they’ll be busy.


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