Earlier today on West Michigan's #1 Urban Morning Show, the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Steve dropped the 12 tips that successful people use and live by. Are you looking for a shift or a level up, these might be some good tips to incorporate into your lifestyle. Listen to the #1 Urban Morning Show, the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Monday through Saturday 6am to 10am on Magic 104.9!

12 Tips Successful People live by:

- Create and pursue smart goals
- Take decisive and imediate action (start the process)
- Focus on being productive and not being busy
- Make logical and informed decisions
- Avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect (don't wait for the perfect time)
- Work outside of your comfort zone
- Keep things simple
- Focusing on making small improvements
- Measure your progress (joy in the journey)
- Maintain positive outlook while making mistakes
- Spend time with the right people
- Maintain balance in your life

Bonus Tip
- God, Family, Education then Business

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