Back in October, the Swet Shop Boys dropped their debut album Cashmere. Now, Riz MC and Heems deliver the music video for "Zayn Malik," track four from the project.

Throughout the three-minute, Broken Antenna-directed clip, the Swet Shop Boys take to the streets of London, setting off fireworks, spitting bars and riding around in fast whips.

Riz MC, a.k.a. Riz Ahmed of HBO's The Night Of, comes through with witty lyrics, rapping, "They say why is Rizy chattin' about race/Why he breathin' bout air just like Hari K. say/My flow like a pony tail, so when I spit on a skinhead he becomes a Hare Krishna/Keep up with your feet or get them blisters."

He continues, "I pray for my nephew, I pray you're not antagonized/By all the hating and news and the shit they sanitize/Look Zayn Malik's got more than eighty virgins on him/There's more than one direction to get to paradise."

In case you missed it, Heems and Riz MC spoke with XXL back in September about a number of topics, including their songs' content, which touches on current issues such as Donald Trump, racial issues and more.

Riz told XXL, “This stuff has been on our minds for a long time, since we were kids. I suffered many experiences, violent and verbal, racism and every different kind. This is a part of everyday reality of people of color."

He continued, "I think sometimes the news cycle focuses on it more than the other times. So right now this is a hot issue. We’re talking about xenophobia and Donald Trump and Black Lives Matter, but Black Lives Matter is 400 years old. Xenophobia is as old as the crusades. These are things that we’re brought up [with] and we always rapped about this stuff because it’s just part of our reality and we feel like it needs to be made visible and needs to be represented in the culture.”

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