Not going to lie, since MDOT did whatever they did and people quit hitting the 100th Street Bridge, I kind of forgot about it. That is until the 100th Street Bridge Facebook page posted a pretty funny status Wednesday as temps were as cold as they’ve been in quite a while.

The bridge asked a very important question:

Wow, it's cold. I'm worried about my height still 14' 3?

It’s a good question, one guys tend to have when it gets really cold.

Oddly, I think we know the answer which is… not yet; and that’s only because we haven’t had any stories of the bridge being hit recently thank goodness.

By the way, best comment back to the bridge’s original question was from Facebook user Mark who responded:

I'd be more concerned with your weight gain...that ice has to be adding a nice spare tire over the winter...

It’s what I’m more concerned with too… now if I could just shiver off some of my love handles.



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