If you didn’t make it out to Rosa Parks Circle for ice skating this winter season, you’ve missed out on your chance.

Today was supposed to be the last day of skating for the season, but the ‘Bomb Cyclone’ we’re currently experiencing caused the city to shut the rink down a day early.

It makes me kind of sad that the season’s already over.  I mean, I don’t skate, but still, it’s always a bit magical to see everyone skating.  It’s also fun to watch newbies try to skate. ( And reminds me why I haven't tried yet!)

But with the closure of the ice rink, that means better weather is on the way and before long, we’ll have swing dancing on Tuesdays, Food trucks on Thursday and whatever else we can figure out to do outside at Rosa Parks Circle.

So while skating is done, hurry up and clean out the ice, so spring will feel welcomed!

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