And I'm not talking for water.  Looking through the Missed Connections pages on Craigslist, and you can tell people in West Michigan are ready to mingle again.

Actually, when the link was sent to me, the actual quote from my friend was,

Dude… I have never seen so many Missed Connections in such a short period of time and they are ALLLLLLLL folks looking to hook up lol

And that is NO lie.  It reminds me of when you could search Craigslist for casual encounters, because usually, the missed connections are people saying, "I was the guy with holes in my shirt, and you were the hot red-head driving a BMW, let me know what color pants I was wearing if you're interested."  Which I've NEVER understood.  Has the lady in the BMW EVER reached out and said, "OMG I was hoping you'd post here!"?

I digress.

I gotta say, while the Missed Connections are usually enjoyable to scroll through, just so I can make the judgments as I did above.  Now, with the number of thirsty people looking for someone to just pop by, is WAY more interesting to read. I also feel like some kinky fantasies are being thrown out there after having to stay away from the "dating" pool for so long.

Like the couple that's ready to start swinging (not at a park), or this guy, who had a Friend with Benefits... but didn't know her name or contact info??  If you're not into that stuff, this guy just needs help manscaping, you know, now that you can help with yard work. LOL

If you're bored, there are plenty of interesting submissions to read... or I guess if you're also thirsty and didn't realize everyone had made it back to Craigslist to post causal encounters again.

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