T.I.'s recent arrest for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct is already sparking controversy, and now the 911 call from the security guard and footage of him challenging his arresting officer while in jail have been released today (May 17).

TMZ obtained both audio and visual items from the arrest, which appear to show the Atlanta rapper questioning the issues that led to him being taken into custody and charged. During the 911 call, the security guard sounds frantic as he calls the cops in order to tell them about the hip-hop veteran approaching the guard shack, claiming to feel threatened.

"A resident is walking back here at the guard shack where I'm at," the guard tells police. "I've been threatened by a resident and he's here now knocking on the door."

The audio continues with T.I.'s voice being heard in the background asking the guard to step out of the shack so he can get his name. He also reminds the guard that he pays for his services, being that he lives in the complex.

"You're making it worse for yourself, man," Tip is heard saying at one point. "You're gonna have to deal with me."

There is also footage of T.I. being booked at the the Henry County Police station, where he is seen challenging his arresting officer over the charges and being detained. The Southern entertainer asks the officer to state the reason for his arrest, but unfortunately, he never seems to get a straight answer. Eventually, the officer tells him that he will have to make his argument in court, which Tip agrees to.

If you recall, T.I. and his lawyer claim his innocence in the incident, stating that the rapper arrived to the gate without his key and allegedly found the security guard fast asleep in the shack. He claims that he attempted to get his attention multiple times, and eventually had to call a friend to help him. After his wife Tiny called the shack to let security know that he was to be allowed in the vicinity, the "Warzone" rapper was let in, but returned to the shack, which resulted in another argument. Eventually, T.I. was arrested when cops arrived after they allegedly refused to hear him out.

Check out the 911 tape and the footage of T.I. testing an officer in jail below.

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