It's been a huge week for Meek Mill as he's been making his return to the mainstream music scene with the release of his third studio album, Wins & Losses. While the "Whatever You Need" rapper is celebrating his major week, Trick Daddy isn't too pleased with some comments he's made during his press run for the project.

The Florida veteran MC has some harsh words for Meek after he took some comments from his recent Hot 97 interview to heart. After hearing the Philly hitmakers's interview with the station, Tricky Daddy believes that Meek was taking credit for influencing Miami culture and their artists.

"I don't think you know," Meek originally says at Hot 97. "When you see people rolling their skullies up, when you see people with the diamond chains... everybody's wearing Cuban links, when you see people in Miami on the yachts now on Instagram -- that come from the influence of Meek Mill, the Dreamchasers, because they believe us."

The Based On a True Story rapper is now taking shots at Meek after the interview, coming at him for his comments, which he believes were directed at Miami artists.

"Miami niggas are not followers... Don't use my city or my niggas for character references," Trick says in the video to Meek. "I will get out of character. Do not fuck with me. Dirt bikes, Cuban links, and Yachts? We cocaine cowboys, nigga."

Trick also brings up Meek's breakup with Nicki Minaj, believing that the split has messed with his head.

"Ever since you lost your girl, you've been trippin'," Trick Daddy continues. "As a matter of fact, your visa has expired... You owe me and my city an apology."

So far, Meek has yet to directly address Trick Daddy's message towards him, but for now, we know fans are enjoying Wins & Losses to the fullest.

Watch Trick Daddy's video at Meek Mill below to see what he has to say.

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