Twista heard President Trump's threat to send the Feds into Chicago, as a means to solve the widespread violence that goes on in the city, and he doesn't agree with the 45th president's over-the-top reaction to the situation.

The Windy City MC recently spoke with TMZ, where he said he was totally against Trump's plan of action.

"Everybody has different views, and I think he stands for the other view that in some ways we may be fearful that they hurt us," he said. "But in some ways they can possibly help us."

As far as Trump's boasts of being prepared to send in reinforcements, Twista believes there are alternatives before taking that drastic of a measure.

"We need after-school programs and money being put back into the community and stuff like that, so that we can help ourselves," he said. "Not the National Guard coming in. You see what happens when you have a Marshall Law type of thing, and you bring that type of mentality into the neighborhoods and bring a federal law to override the law of the city. It's a bad experience every time. No one would agree that that's a good idea."

With Trump already pushing executive orders on the Dakota pipeline and immigration laws, many people are planning for the worst.

One of the few rappers openly willing to give Trump a chance is Azealia Banks. She was down to perform at Trump's inauguration, and even has high hopes for his presidency. "Nothing has happened yet," she wrote on Instagram last week. "I’m super duper intuitive and really think he’ll do a great job. I’m very very optimistic.”

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who rightfully feel the total opposite.

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