A night of clubbing turned into an inconvenience for rapper Tyga. The 27-year-old artist was detained by police after he was handcuffed outside of a Los Angeles nightclub early Wednesday morning (April 12).

For the record, Tyga was not arrested but he did have to go through some questioning. Here's how it went down.

According to E! News, Tyga was driving his custom Mercedes G-Series vehicle when police stopped him right in front of Avenue nightclub for having paper plates on his car and driving through a stop sign. Because paparazzi was in the area, police decided to take Tyga down to the station to avoid pandemonium. The “Rack City” rapper voluntarily left his car at the scene.

The LAPD confirmed to E! News that Tyga was taken down to the station because he had paper plates but police also conducted a field sobriety test as well. He passed with flying colors and was released with a traffic violation. Again, Tyga was not arrested or charged with a crime. Aside from that, it looks as if Tyga wasn't bothered by the inconvenience.

This isn't Tyga first run-in with the law, however. The Compton rhymer has racked up several legal cases in 2016. Most recently, Tyga is being sued by a process server who claims that the rapper’s crew beat him up.

Hopefully, Tyga can stay out of trouble in 2017.

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