Gucci Mane is a changed man, and while he's been mending a lot of fences and repairing burned bridges since he came home prison, his relationship with former protege Waka Flocka Flame is damaged beyond reconstruction.

What exactly caused the major rift is very serious in Waka's eyes. "That man know what he did," the "Hard in the Paint" rapper said in a recent interview. "Deeper than music, deeper than anything anybody can even imagine. When it's like that, it's personal." For the most part, Waka has stayed mum on the topic, but he recently decided to open up on the matter on Twitter.

"I [sic] ready to answer every fan question about me and gucci," he wrote. "#nointerviews #noHating #noshade #justbigfacts this the last time I’m a speak on this situation."

It appears at least one aspect of the beef has to do with Gucci selling the Brick Squad name, and according to Waka, Guwop's new biography is filled with lies about the situation. "Honestly ‍♂️ He sold the name Brick Squad to the label. He just dropped a book full of lies no cap. The fans happy for gucc but Atlanta and the day1’z know it’s bigCap," Waka typed.

Responding to a tweet on why he never visited or corresponded with Gucci while he was in prison, Waka responded, "Write: I’m not writing no damn letter lol frfr Visit: name wasn’t on the list Answer calls: That’s big cap... I was making Gucci 20-30k a month on Facebook real shit K know or better yet did he know...?"

He touched on a number of other topics including Gucci's post-prison glow up, and whether there is even a smidgen of a chance they will ever collab again. "All in all I still got hella love for gucci, what we got going is between us and music has nothing to do with it," he added. "Real Brick Squad fans understand this. He doing well I’m doing well I hope hope no more Waka Gucci conversations pop up.. sweep it under the rug #BsM."

See what all Waka had to say below.

See Waka Flocka Flame Answer Fans' Questions About His Falling Out With Gucci Mane


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