A crazy road rage kind of start for the new lane changes that have been made on Michigan Street NE in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

According to WOOD, in a move that is supposed to make traffic move more easily the city of Grand Rapids took an eastbound Michigan Street through lane and make it a left turn only onto College Avenue. Leaving only one lane that moves eastbound.

Even though the new roads signs were well marked, people being creatures of habit on their drive to and from work, drivers still had a tough time getting the new system down. Lot's of horn blowing and raised blood pressure due to the new set up.

A little chaos happened on Monday as some drivers were driving straight through instead of turning left and were cutting off cars that were merging.

Each time the traffic lights changed, here came the horns as drivers were trying to navigate through the new changes.

So far there have been no crashes so hopefully drivers get the new changes down quickly and begin their new habit.

The changes were implemented by the city of Grand Rapids after many in the community had asked for ways to de-congest that area of the city's traffic.

So if that is your way to and from work, try and get the new changes dialed in and spread the word so no one gets hurt.

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