Man, the city is doing whatever to get money… or at least I hope it’s the city and not an elaborate scam since I haven’t seen any major news of these signs becoming a thing.

The sign, which tells you to download a “ParkMobile” app or call an 800 number to pay for parking, have started popping up around downtown Grand Rapids where there have never been meters before.

In fairness, a few months back we had heard that the city would start trying to monetize some of the free parking, but we all kind of thought that meant more meters, I guess not.

This sign was located outside of a restaurant and bar on Ottawa Ave, so I’m not sure how many there are out there, but if you’re coming downtown, definitely keep an eye out for the new Electronic Payment Zones that are popping up.

According to the sign, the Electronic Payment Zones are only enforced Monday through Friday 8a-5p.

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