Reports coming in from the Bahamas about Ja Rule's much-hyped two weekend "luxury" Fyre Festival are that it's a "disorganized mess"—and that's being generous. It's now being billed as the luxury party that turned into The Hunger Games, with some attendees going as far as to say that the festival grounds look like a hurricane site.

The festival had been promoted by supermodels Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski in a flashy promo featuring sun, fun, yachts and other rich people stuff. However, as Variety reports, incoming flights have been grounded, the festival site is in chaos, and scheduled headliners, Blink-182 cancelled their performance Thursday night, amid the reports of extreme disorganization. As of now, the status of the other performers, including Pusha-T, Migos, Disclosure, Major Lazer is unclear.

"We’re not confident we would have what we need to give you the quality of performances we always give our fans," Blink-182 said of their cancelled performance in a statement.

Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland organized the expensive island festival (tickets ranged from $1200-$1500 with luxury packages hitting $250,000) promising “a cultural moment created from a blend of music, art, and food.” Instead, festival attendees complained that they've received styrofoam cartoons of food, suspect tents that will blow over with a gust of wind or a rain, and general confusion, including severe transportation issues.

“They’re basically disaster relief tents. With a mattress on some sort of bed frame. They’re not that uncomfortable, but the tents are so poorly made that they’d blow over in a second if there was any wind or rain," one attendee told Billboard of the so-called luxury accommodations.

Festival organizers postponed the event Friday morning.

"After assessing the situation this morning and looking at best options for our guests, we cannot move forward as we hoped we could," they tweeted, adding that they're working on scheduling flights for people who are already on the island.

Stay tuned for more details as they come. In the meantime, take a look at what people are saying about the festival on Twitter below—mostly there's a lot of mocking going on, seeing as how you pretty much had to rich to hit up the festival anyway.


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