A piece of Michigan was highlighted in the dictionary this week.

When you go on to Merriam-Webster's website you'll see that their 'Word of the day' for September 16, 2019, is "Yooper." Being Michiganders, we all know what a Yooper is but the rest of the world may have never even heard of the term. According to Merriam-Webster, they define it as:

one from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

When you click on the word they even delve into how it came about

...from the common nickname of Michigan's Upper Peninsula—the "U.P."—and the etymology requires the same follow-up question that a challenging joke does: "Get it?"

Got it!

The word was added to their dictionary in 2014.

Maybe the rest of us "trolls" will get the same treatment one of these days.

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