After the riots last month in downtown Grand Rapids, there were a lot of broken windows and fear of more damage in the coming days, so a lot of businesses have plywood over their street-side windows.

Soon after the wood went up, courtesy of Rockford Construction and the other supplies needed were secured from numerous area businesses who donated, then came one of the coolest parts of the clean-up/rebuilding, the art.

According to WOODTV, the art project was coordinated by Lions and Rabbits, which is an art gallery and event space in GR’s Creston Heights neighborhood. They partnered with over 200 hundred artists, with a conscious effort to make sure they were partnering with black artists so their messages could be seen and heard.

Now as businesses are getting repairs done, those pieces of art need to find a new home or homes as it is because there are over 200 pieces around downtown Grand Rapids.

If you’ve seen something you like, WOODTV says you should reach out to Hannah Berry who’s with Lions and Rabbits and can help facilitate the sale of the mural.

If you’re unaware of all the art, maybe this weekend take a drive around before it’s all taken down, especially since we won’t have ArtPrize and this art is truly coming from the heart and full of emotion of this current moment in life.

You can contact Hannah about the art by emailing

Cleaning Up Downtown Grand Rapids - May 31, 2020

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