The downtown area of Grand Rapids is filled with beautiful and intricate murals and art pieces throughout the city.

Downtown GR puts an emphasis on making sure the area looks good as possible.

Now, there is a project that the artists are needed for that will affect one bland aspect of the downtown area.

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Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. or DGRI has an amazing opportunity for local artists.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

In partnership with MobileGR, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. is trying to have local artists create murals to liven up the parking ticket booths in the area.

According to the official announcement,

"This project will enliven the ticket booths at MobileGR's parking lots and structures. Each booth presents a unique opportunity and canvas for a mural to beautify what would otherwise be sterile infrastructure."

If you frequent downtown, you have seen the murals on the electrical boxes, including ones on Ottawa Ave. This project is essentially like that.

"This concept is similar to the Rad Women public art initiative that utilized electrical boxes Downtown as spaces for murals."

What do you have to do in order to be qualified to have a mural space?

There is an RFQ that explains everything in detail but I will give you the important details.

The RFQ's purpose

"is to gather portfolio submissions and references from greater Grand Rapids artists. RFQs do not require a formal proposal or specific idea."

They just simply want to see your previous work.

Once selected, artists will receive a $250 stipend to create the final design for the ticket booth.

Once the final design is completed and approved by DGRI, MobileGR, and the city of Grand Rapids Arts Advisory Council, they will assign you a ticket booth location so you can create your masterpiece.

"Upon approval of designs and completion of the contract, artists may invoice DGRI for the stipend and 25% of the budget. The remaining 75% will be paid upon completion of the project. Artists will be compensated $1200 for a small booth and $1950 for a large booth. This includes exterior-grade paint and other supplies needed to complete to project. Power washing & the anti-graffiti sealer will be provided and applied by DGRI/Mobile GR."

Submissions are due by April 2nd.

So if you are 18 years or older and live in the greater Grand Rapids area, this is your time to shine.

For all other details and requirements, check the DGRI's website.

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