Are you in need of a vehicle to get around town?'
Mobile GR announced on Wednesday a new initiative coming to Grand Rapids this summer.

On Tuesday, the Grand Rapids City Commission approved $500,000 for a three-year carshare program.

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What Is The Grand Rapids Carshare Pilot Program?

Since 2018, the City has been trying to launch this program to help those in need get access to an affordable vehicle.

Drivers will be able to rent out one of the six plug-in electric vehicles this summer.

All thanks to Mobility Development.

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The carshare operator company will also be installing more EV infrastructure (electric charging ports) in public parking lots across the city for the carshare program and others with electric vehicles.

Mobile FR will be funding and supporting the outreach part of the program. In partnership with Scales Consulting and Public Agency at WMCAT, they will be spreading the word about this opportunity.

How Is The Grand Rapids Community Feeling About This New Program?

It seems to be a 50/50 split between excitement and displeasure.

Based on the initial Facebook post, many Grand Rapids residents are excited about the new charging stations that will be coming.

Jens Schlueter
Jens Schlueter

One Facebook user shared,

"Awesome! GR needs alot more chargers in midtown , east,north and south. All charging deserts."

While others are not as excited about the new initiative,

"So your ramping up a program while the car manufacturers are losing billions and cutting production because nobody wants to buy them? Did you ask the taxpayers if they wanted to fund this?"

How do you feel about the new carshare program coming to Grand Rapids?

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