If you are walking around downtown, you know how chilly it can be.

With buses in the area, there were only certain days it would run so you could catch one.


However, now that has changed.

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What Is DASH in Grand Rapids?

The Downtown Area Shuttle, better known as DASH, has buses that come to several stops around downtown every 15 minutes.


DASH was not operating on Monday or Tuesday because of a few reasons, according to the official website.

"With a limited capacity to expand the total level of service and bearing in mind the DASH service’s continued evolution beyond a commuter service, the city chose to prioritize late night and Sunday service to meet the needs of those visiting and moving about around downtown.  Staff hopes to bring 7-day-a-week service back to the DASH as soon as possible."

It seems like they made good on their promise.

DASH Is Running 7 Days A Week In Grand Rapids

On January 22nd, Mobile GR's Facebook page made the announcement about new updates for the DASH.

After some time, the DASH is going to be operating all 7 days of the week, starting on January 29th.

"A big thank you to our DASH team, who has been working very hard to return 7-day-a-week service to the DASH."

What Is The New Schedule For Grand Rapids' DASH?

The new schedule is:
Monday through Friday: 7 am - Midnight.
Saturday: 11 am - 1 am
Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm

Besides the DASH, the WORK line will also have extended hours.

The DASH is always free, so you don’t need to pay!

Are you excited for the DASH to run all 7 days of the week?

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