Tameka "Tiny" Harris’ daughter Zonnique just released a new video for her new single, “Should’ve Been.” The song is from her latest EP, Love Jones.

The black-and-white visual features the 21-year-old singer kicking her inattentive boyfriend to the curb. "Lately, I been tryin' tell you about me / What I'm going through You don't never listen / You gone do what you wanna do / And ain't tryna hear that / I'm on one and you did that / And now I'm back on my get back s---, lil bih," she sings.

In real life, Zonnique is happily dating her boyfriend, NFL player Damian Swann. In an interview with Essence, the young R&B singer explained that their love blossomed after several years of "just being friends."

Zonnique says momma Tiny approves of her relationship with Swann and has her back if she needs any relationship advice. "I would say when it comes to anything, definitely love, I feel like I call my mom first when it comes to anything I'm going through because she's just so easy to talk to and she always gives me good advice," she says.

Watch Zonnique's new video above.

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