2016 ArtPrize has not had the best weather. But the art and experiences have been phenomenal. Here's some tweets that have really captured ArtPrize 8.

First off it's not only about visual works of art, ArtPrize is a celebration of all kinds of art.

People take time off and come come from all over to experience the nearly month long art festival.

It's also a time for artists to shine.

And in some cases to also lay down the law.

Also, it's a great time to people watch.

People watch folks from all over and make new friends.

Or, to hang out with old friends...

All and all, ArtPrize is probably the crowning jewel of festivals in Grand Rapids. The one thing that we have that's not like anywhere else in the world.

Sure, it's fun to complain about all of the tourists showing up in downtown, not knowing where to go or in some cases how to drive. But it's all in fun.

Much love to ArtPrize and everyone who comes to check it out every year.