With the current food insecurity issue happening across the country, including Michigan, it is becoming hard for people to be able to feed themselves and their families.

In Detroit, they are trying to combat that ongoing issue with a new grocery store.

However, this grocery store is special.

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Black-Led, Community-Owned Grocery Store Opening Soon in Michigan

The Detroit People's Food Co-Op (DPFC), a Black-led grocery store, will be opening in early 2024!

The DPFC will be located in the historic North End of Detroit at 8324 Woodward Avenue.


Because Of Them We Can shared that this project is a collaboration between two nonprofits in the area.

"The DFC project, a collaboration between two nonprofits—Detroit Black Community Food Sovereignty Network (DBCFSN) and Develop Detroit—aims to not only provide a grocery store but also foster community engagement through a dedicated space and support for local food entrepreneurs."

This will be the first and only Black-led, community-owned grocery store in the entire Midwest.

The DBCFSN co-founder and executive director spoke with Outlier Media,

"DPFC will be the only Black-led, community-owned grocery store in the Midwest, confronting extractive practices of the industry while connecting economic opportunities to local growers and farmers in the supply chain.”

According to the Detroit Food Policy Council's 2021 Food Metric Report, 69% of Detroit households are currently experiencing food insecurity.

This new community-grown grocery store is going to be operating to combat that.

This will be the one-stop shop for everything, including frozen foods, meats, baked goods, dairy products, health and wellness items, and a deli.

If you want to get more details, you can visit their website.

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